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How to Get Over Gambling Addiction?

Gambling has become a serious problem with people all over the world. More so because of the online gambling casinos as they provide a platform for everyone to easily assess these websites. There are several problems associated with gambling if you get addicted to it. Gambling in moderation is the ideal way to go about it, but going overboard with it can cause some serious issues with your personal and professional life. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time and energy doing the same, it might have an effect on your financial situation as well. Some people go to extreme situations such as stealing money to make sure they can gamble and more. You might go into a debt and not realise its consequences. It might seem like you cannot stop the vicious cycle and there is no way to control the way your life is going. But honestly, to become aware of the problem is the first step to solving it.

Here are some tips on how we overcome the addiction of gambling!

Understand the problem

Compulsive gambling also known as gambling addiction is a disorder where you cannot control your impulse. It is something like smoking, when you know that it is affecting your health in a negative way, but you still continue it. It is the same with gambling, you fully understand all the negative effects of gambling, but still you continue to do it because you cannot stop thinking about it. You obsess over it to an extent when you need to do it again and again. And then, there is no end to it.  

It is not okay to get addicted to gambling even if you can afford it

Many people live in this unjustified dilemma for years. Suppose you are a multi-millionaire and can spend thousands of dollars every day on gambling. This is not a good enough reason for you to gamble every day. If you are serious about quitting gambling, then you should appoint a member of your family to take care of your expenses. This essentially means that someone trusted should overlook the expenses for you. This will help you in several ways, such as you will stop borrowing money from your friends to put in gambling.

Make a list of all the negative aspects about gambling and pin it on your mirror

If you read about all the ways in which gambling has affected your life negatively, you will realise how unnecessary and vicious it has been. Instead of improving your life and making you happy, it has made you insecure and sad. Pin it at a place where you can see it every day.

Join a self-help group

When you meet like-minded people, you realise that this is a problem and other people are also dealing with it. The sessions will help you overcome your urge to gamble. You will have targets and even meet people who have overcome the gambling addiction.

We were successfully able to overcome gambling addiction. If we can do it, so can you!

8 Ways to Quit Gambling!

Here are 8 sure-shot ways to quit gambling and get back to your routine.

#1-Take a Short Break

If you are addicted to gambling, you will want to pursue it every day. Take a day from the week and decide not to gamble on that particular day. Schedule the day in such a way that you do not get enough time for playing in the casino. But throughout the entire day you will have the urge to play it again. Hence, you will have to work towards ignoring and reminding yourself that this day is casino-free.

#2-Find a Replacement Activity

You have to keep yourself involved and busy in doing something. If you decide not to gamble on Monday, then you will have to find an activity that you can pursue. If you think that you can survive and repress the urge not to gamble just by not doing anything, then you are kidding yourself. You have to indulge in some activity that will keep your mind occupied. You can exercise or go shopping, or even go for a movie or anything else.

#3-Remember How Bad it Feels to Lose

This technique might seem harsh, but many people quit addictions by thinking about the negative effects of that particular addiction. For example, smokers quit smoking when they see their health deteriorating. Likewise, when you remind yourself the many times you have lost while gambling, you will feel bad about the entire practice as the whole.

#4-Educate Yourself About Gambling Addiction

You might want to take out some time and figure out the kind of addiction you have. Is it serious? There are several kinds of addictions and you can fall into many categories. While you read about the same, you will come across several people who have shared the same experience, probably you can read their stories and motivate yourself to quit.

#5-Find Self-Help Materials

Find help regarding quitting. Talk to people who have had the addiction and are coming out of it. They are your best resource. Furthermore, there are many books that you can refer to if you want guidance to come out of it.

#6-Find a Support Group

This is something similar like a self-help group where people suffering from the same addiction come together and motivate themselves to solve the problem. You can join the group and take sessions. They will definitely help you out.

#7-Hand Over Control of Your Money

If you have control over money, then you will slip into the gambling addiction again. If you are trying to quit, make another member of your family responsible for the money you withdraw. Let someone else keep a check on your expenses for some time.

#8-List the Cons of Gambling and the Pros of Quitting

This really helps, believe me. Make a detailed list of all the cons of gambling and how it has had a negative impact on your life. Make another list stating the points as to how your life will improve if you quit gambling.