Our Big Day: Tips to Overcome Gambling

Do you gamble a lot? Are you addicted to it? I really hope you haven’t hurt your finances or health in anyway owing to your passion for gambling. The following blog post outlines the various tips that you can follow in order to overcome gambling addiction very easily.

  • Take a Break: Make a promise to yourself that you will do anything to keep yourself away from gambling. You could either promise to keep yourself away from gambling for an entire day or you could even work yourself one minute at a time; either way you need to work in a way that you eventually keep up your promise. Schedule your day in a very structured way so that you are always engaged and that you never waste a single second on something like gambling. Keep yourself busy at work and your mind off of gambling for all the good reasons.
  • Replacement: When you finish your favourite game or miss your favourite restaurant that shut down you try and find yourself a replacement right. Much like that, try to find yourself a replacement activity that will offer you the same or more fun as much than your online gambling. This will help you keep your mind away from gambling. Learn to adapt to this new thing well enough so that you begin to lose your touch from gambling. Obviously, finding a replacement means that you will now be obsessed with this new replacement activity and so try to find something that doesn’t bring any harm or damage to your life as much as gambling.
  • Constantly educate yourself: Try and find content and information about gambling as much as you can. Educating yourself about gambling and various addictions associated to gambling will help you keep your mind trained and informed about the demerits of gambling. I personally feel that reading and acquiring more knowledge about gambling will make you a smart thinker and will also enable you to make better choices of either reducing your obsession to gambling and in best cases you may even quit gambling permanently.
  • Support Groups: Support Groups are all over the internet and ever around in your area that you live in. Try to locate such support groups to help yourself stay encouraged and motivated about your decisions. You will find that a lot of people are suffering from gambling addiction and that everyone is willing to help each other out as well. Indulge in support group activities as much as you can. Participate in all of the programs and the activities conducted by these groups as they are often found to be very effective in helping people get rid of addictions and obsessions.

Among the many addictions that exist in the world; gambling is perhaps one of the top 3. Gambling addiction has several side effects with the major ones being turning broke and losing all of your money in no time. People do not often anticipate the risks involved and pour in all of their hard earned money without thinking and hence I personally would suggest you to go through the above-mentioned steps and try to get rid of gambling.

Playing Mobile Playtech Slots

You are not only going to be restricted to playing Playtech slots on a computer or laptop, for this leading slot game designer has brought out their own unique mobile gaming platforms which are compatible with every type of mobile device and every type of mobile operating system too.

There are two different ways of being able to access their growing range of mobile slots, the first is via a mobile web browser, and the other way which many players tend to make use of is their downloadable casino app.

Below we will  let you know the pros and cons of using either of those two types of mobile gaming platforms, and will of course else you know just what type of slots are available on each of them!

Playtech Casino App – The main attraction of downloading a Playtech casino app onto your mobile device is that you ten simply need to tap onto the icon and launch the app when you wish to play their huge range of different slot games.

However, the size of the app is fairly large so always make sure you have enough available space on your mobile device before you try to download it!

The range of slot games you will have access to on that app include three reel slots, progressive slots and a huge suite of video slot games on which lots of different bonus games and bonus features can and will be triggered and awarded to you as you play them!

Mobile Web Slots from Playtech – If you do find that you do not have enough spare space on your mobile phone or tablet device to enable you to download a Playtech powered mobile casino app onto that device, then you are still going to be able to play their range of slots on that device.

To do so you will have to log onto the mobile casinos website via the web browser attached to your mobile device. Simply type in the web address of the mobile casino into your mobile devices web browser and when you land on that website enter your username and password, or register as a new player then you can log in and choose to play the available mobile slots for free or for real money.

All of the most popular slot games are available on that mobile gaming platform including video and 3 reel slots and plenty of progressive slots too!

One thing to keep in mind is that not only are you going to be able to earn comp points when playing any Playtech designed mobile slot games for real money, but all of the bonuses (see here for options) available to online slot players are available to mobile players too!

So always be on the lookout for new player sign up bonuses which are available to first time mobile slot players at any of the growing number of mobile casino sites now using the Playtech gaming platforms, as some of them are very large in value and are well worth claiming!

Coin Denominations-A Critical Factor in Winning Slot Games like Double Bubble

Online-Slot-GamesSlot games like Double Bubble can be an altogether confusing end-game for players who are new to this genre of gaming. The different terms and jargons concerning slot games can be quite confusing and coin denominations are an important determinant in deciding key winning combinations.

Coin Denominations

Coin denominations selected by the player for a slot game is a reflection of the value of each coin, which has been bet. In other words, if a nickel, penny or dime is selected and its denomination is 0.01, the value of each coin played is equivalent to the penny, nickel or dime. Slots, which facilitate the playing of 0.01 coin denominations, are commonly known as penny slots (see playingslots.co.uk for more information). A wider range of players’ bankrolls can be adjusted as a wider range of slot limits are allowed by coin denominations. The cumulative bet amount can be gauged from the value of the coin played on the number of pay lines betted and the number of coins, which are wagered by a player on each line.

Maximum Bet

A maximum bet can be defined as the largest possible bet accrued owing to the betting of the highest number of coins per line possible on all possible pay lines. The setting of Bet Max is done at the highest coin denomination on offer for Double Bubble slot. A word of caution needs to be proffered here, in a sense that max bet, in some cases may be as high as $100 per spin, though it exists more commonly in online slots.

Bet Max as an Increasingly Winning Combination

In layman’s terms, Bet Max refers to the largest amount, which can be wagered on a spin. Online slot players also talk of Bet Max as Maximum Bet or Max Bet.

Several slot games, nowadays, contain a Bet Max button or tab that can place the maximum bet with a single automatic click. The Bet Max feature assumes importance in slot games because in numerous games the Jackpot can be won when the player places the maximum bet. The bet max option should be exercised when the player can advance to the free spins or bonus rounds. Bet max should also be the option when the player aims to hit a progressive jackpot.    

bwi logoAs compared to ordinary slots, some slot machines offer higher fixed Max Bet options. In other words, in a few three reel slot machine, if the player hits a line of the top-paying symbol, they are likely to win 1,000 credits for betting  a credit per line, However, if the player would have been betting maximum credits per line, let’s say, three credits, the top win is likely to increase substantially to 10,000 credits!

It is a common observation in slot games whether in online or real world casinos that playing maximum bet is always the best option. When wagering a max bet, the player can win progressive jackpots and pay outs at higher multiples. If the player has a smaller bankroll, they can maximise their winnings by looking for games with lower max bets rather than betting less lines or less coins.

Fluffy Favourites Slot Guide

With thousands of different slot games available which you are going to be able to play alongside bingo games at all mobile and online bingo sites you may fancy get stuck into playing several of them.

If you do then we suggest you concentrate your playing efforts on one of the most played bingo slot games, that being the Fluffy Favourites slot. In fact is you click here you are going to find a listing of bingo sites offering this slot game and will find a range of exclusive bonuses you can claim when you sign up to any of those sites.

You are probably thinking what it is that makes this slot game so very playable and popular, making it standout from slots designed by other companies such as Microgaming or WMS well if you are read on below is an in-depth review of all of its unique features, plus you will find details of just what you can win when playing it so please do read on!

Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payout

You can always test drive the Fluffy Favourites slot as a no risk slot for every bingo site that has it on offer will allow you to play it for free. However, when you do decide to play it for real money you will have the ability of adjusting the coin values and also being able to play up to 25 paylines on each spin.

Whilst the range of different slot games available to all bingo players is huge, what you will need to find out when you decide to give any of them a whirl is just how high the payout percentages are. The payout percentage of the Eyecon designed Fluffy Favourites slot game is going to impress you, for over your long term play it will return 95.38% of your stakes as winning payouts!

You really could turn a small stake into a huge mega sized winning payout when you choose to play this slot for it comes with a 5000 coin base game jackpot and to be awarded with that jackpot you need five of the Hippo reels symbols spinning in on any payline you have activated.

The Elephant symbol acts as a wild multiplier symbol and it doubles the value of any winning combinations that it helps to complete and form. That does of course mean that one of those symbols helping you form the jackpot paying winning combinations will see you winning a 10000 coin jackpot!

Bonus Games

Being a bonus game awarding video slot you are probably wondering just what you can win via those base games. There are in fact three completely unique bonus games on offer on this slot the first of which is a set of free spins.

To be awarded with 15, 20 and 25 free spins you will have to spin in three, four or five scatter symbols anywhere in view. Those scatter symbols are the Elephant reel symbols which are also the wild symbols, so even before you play off your set of free spins you may have formed several winning combinations on the base game screen!

If at any time when you are playing off a base game spin you get one of more winning combinations forming on any of your activated paylines then a gamble game feature round will be on offer to you.

That gamble game is very simple to play off and will give you the chance of either doubling your winning payout or quadrupling its value if and only if you mange to guess the colour or the suit of a playing card dealt out on the bonus game screen once you have made your prediction.

The chance of triggering a bonus game feature round is much higher on this slot than most other video bingo slots for there is another one which could be awarded to you.

By spinning in three, four or five of the Claw reel symbols you will then get to play off a cuddly toy grabbing game on which a claw is going to move across the screen and will eventually drop down and grab one or more toys.

Each toy that the Claw manages to grab will then reveal a multiplier value and the multiplier value is going to boost the amount of cash you had wagered on the base game spin that triggered that bonus game.

As each toy lifted could reveal a multiplier worth 100 times your base game stake amount with some luck in playing you can win some very large amounts of cash via that particular feature round!

How to Get Over Gambling Addiction?

Gambling has become a serious problem with people all over the world. More so because of the online gambling casinos as they provide a platform for everyone to easily assess these websites. There are several problems associated with gambling if you get addicted to it. Gambling in moderation is the ideal way to go about it, but going overboard with it can cause some serious issues with your personal and professional life. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time and energy doing the same, it might have an effect on your financial situation as well. Some people go to extreme situations such as stealing money to make sure they can gamble and more. You might go into a debt and not realise its consequences. It might seem like you cannot stop the vicious cycle and there is no way to control the way your life is going. But honestly, to become aware of the problem is the first step to solving it.

Here are some tips on how we overcome the addiction of gambling!

Understand the problem

Compulsive gambling also known as gambling addiction is a disorder where you cannot control your impulse. It is something like smoking, when you know that it is affecting your health in a negative way, but you still continue it. It is the same with gambling, you fully understand all the negative effects of gambling, but still you continue to do it because you cannot stop thinking about it. You obsess over it to an extent when you need to do it again and again. And then, there is no end to it.  

It is not okay to get addicted to gambling even if you can afford it

Many people live in this unjustified dilemma for years. Suppose you are a multi-millionaire and can spend thousands of dollars every day on gambling. This is not a good enough reason for you to gamble every day. If you are serious about quitting gambling, then you should appoint a member of your family to take care of your expenses. This essentially means that someone trusted should overlook the expenses for you. This will help you in several ways, such as you will stop borrowing money from your friends to put in gambling.

Make a list of all the negative aspects about gambling and pin it on your mirror

If you read about all the ways in which gambling has affected your life negatively, you will realise how unnecessary and vicious it has been. Instead of improving your life and making you happy, it has made you insecure and sad. Pin it at a place where you can see it every day.

Join a self-help group

When you meet like-minded people, you realise that this is a problem and other people are also dealing with it. The sessions will help you overcome your urge to gamble. You will have targets and even meet people who have overcome the gambling addiction.

We were successfully able to overcome gambling addiction. If we can do it, so can you!

8 Ways to Quit Gambling!

Here are 8 sure-shot ways to quit gambling and get back to your routine.

#1-Take a Short Break

If you are addicted to gambling, you will want to pursue it every day. Take a day from the week and decide not to gamble on that particular day. Schedule the day in such a way that you do not get enough time for playing in the casino. But throughout the entire day you will have the urge to play it again. Hence, you will have to work towards ignoring and reminding yourself that this day is casino-free.

#2-Find a Replacement Activity

You have to keep yourself involved and busy in doing something. If you decide not to gamble on Monday, then you will have to find an activity that you can pursue. If you think that you can survive and repress the urge not to gamble just by not doing anything, then you are kidding yourself. You have to indulge in some activity that will keep your mind occupied. You can exercise or go shopping, or even go for a movie or anything else.

#3-Remember How Bad it Feels to Lose

This technique might seem harsh, but many people quit addictions by thinking about the negative effects of that particular addiction. For example, smokers quit smoking when they see their health deteriorating. Likewise, when you remind yourself the many times you have lost while gambling, you will feel bad about the entire practice as the whole.

#4-Educate Yourself About Gambling Addiction

You might want to take out some time and figure out the kind of addiction you have. Is it serious? There are several kinds of addictions and you can fall into many categories. While you read about the same, you will come across several people who have shared the same experience, probably you can read their stories and motivate yourself to quit.

#5-Find Self-Help Materials

Find help regarding quitting. Talk to people who have had the addiction and are coming out of it. They are your best resource. Furthermore, there are many books that you can refer to if you want guidance to come out of it.

#6-Find a Support Group

This is something similar like a self-help group where people suffering from the same addiction come together and motivate themselves to solve the problem. You can join the group and take sessions. They will definitely help you out.

#7-Hand Over Control of Your Money

If you have control over money, then you will slip into the gambling addiction again. If you are trying to quit, make another member of your family responsible for the money you withdraw. Let someone else keep a check on your expenses for some time.

#8-List the Cons of Gambling and the Pros of Quitting

This really helps, believe me. Make a detailed list of all the cons of gambling and how it has had a negative impact on your life. Make another list stating the points as to how your life will improve if you quit gambling.